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Top Quality Creates Trust - Customer First - Continuous Improvement
✔ We have a online store for selling Fresh CCs All Country. Our store is full automatic and high speed.
✔ Every Day our hacker group Will update the store with Fresh Cards, Paypal verified balance, Accounts store ( ebay,amazon,Bank login,fullz info dob ssn...)
✔ We have big database of Fresh Cards ( Valid rate 85% & High Quality)
✔ A powerful CC Checker system is always active in our store(refund time 60 mins) . You can see LIVE Status for CC
✔ Reselling from shop is allowed
✔ You can charge any amount you like to your account. This is fully automatic. After charge You can start storeping with cheapest price .
✔ After buying Fresh CC you get it instantly and you receive it direct on Site Or by your email ( Bulk + Good Price )
✔ Also you can see your order in " YOUR CARD "
✔ After purchasing Fresh CC this forever be removed from the database and you can see this on your order history forever.
✔ Balance in your account don't have expiration date and this is available in your account forever.
✔ FRESHCC.RU Store have Very powerful search engine . You can find CC by BIN Number - Category - Country - Type and more ...
✔ FRESHCC.RU Store have high-speed support. And when you contact with the support They immediate will answer your and will solve your problem
✔ We hope you visit our Onlinestore and with full consent buy Fresh CC from the Store
****Please read RULE & FAQ carefully before using any services.****

Email : freshcc.ru@gmail.com
Onlinestore : https://freshcc.ru/
2021-02-22 20:12
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